How To Make Google Chrome My Homepage

Difficult to find detailed information in the virtual world is now beginning to be felt as well as those students who are seriously pursue internet. For example, the Website. Many students now have penetrated the world of websites in order to develop the skills they have. Due to the benefits of a website very much. Website is very different from the media to another developer. If all this we can only promote a product that can only be seen by the public in any country, with the help of our website can promote it to the world. Because the website generally is international, so that we can access the website from or to other countries.

Therefore, we need a browser that can help us in order that the website can be run easily and well. Google Chrome is a browser built by a practical design that you can browse the Web faster, easier, and safer. We can do some settings on the Google Chrome in accordance with our wishes. For one example I will Make my Google Chrome homepage. After successful installation of Google Chrome, the next step is:
Open the Google Chrome web browser first. After appearing in the web browser page, click on the icon shaped like a wrench in the top right corner, as shown below:
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Then select Options then it will open a new tab, where there are several options as follows:
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Find the word 'On startup' and then select the option 'Open the home page'.

Find the word 'Home page' and select 'Open this page', then type the word or it could be a website address that you want as your home page in the text field area.

After completing the settings, you can close the tab settings and the settings are automatically saved. That's the easy way How to Make Make Google My Homepage.

You can also watch the video about How to Make any Website your Homepage using Google Chrome below:

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tony zoe-divine said...

Nice post,your explanations are quite detailed. The images and videos should help anyboby looking to set Google as homepage.Anyway, I have written a similar post on How to Make Google Your Homepage in other browsers, you can check it out.