Shockwave Flash Plugin Crash In Chrome Browser

How to fix error Shockwave Flash in Google Chrome? Shockwave Flash is a medium that used to play or run a variety of multimedia formats. For example, online radio, videos and much more. In this article effected by my pique when using Google Chrome, which suddenly crash reports and could not be used. Then pops up a message like this: The following plug-in has crashed: Shockwave Flash
When it's like that's the case, there are no more things to do other than wait for Shockwave Flash running normally again.
I am still patiently dealing with problems of Shockwave Flash has crashed in the Chrome browser for some time, but eventually I became impatient, too. After finding information on the Internet a couple of times, I've finally found a way to overcome Shockwave Flash Plugin Crash in Google Chrome. Then let's get together to fix Shockwave Flash Crashes in Google Chrome.

The fix for the problem "The following plug-in has crashed the Shockwave Flash" in Google Chrome:

The first step to fix Shockwave Flash plugin crash in Google Chrome is to open the Chrome browser type chrome :/ / plugins and then click enter.

After appearing the page plugin, there are Flash Plugin (2 files), then please feel free to search and click the [+] symbol for Details.
The next step is to disable the default Shockwave Flash Chrome. How to know it's default chrome with the other? See the location of the folder as shown above (not necessarily resemble).

Successful! The problem of Shockwave Flash has crashed  in Google Chrome can be resolved, to check if Shockwave Flash in Chrome browser is still there or not, please go to YouTube or Adobe Flash website.

After reading the article and have it out finally the Shockwave Flash Player crash reports problems in Chrome is resolved then we can browse smoothly again. May be useful for you.
Shockwave Flash crash fix video

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