Msi Returned Error Code 1603 Fix

Sometimes there is an error message that you do not want, suddenly appears when you install the software that you download from the internet. Have you ever experienced an error code 1603?
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Msi returned error code 1603 can mean that there is a fatal error during the installation process are underway. Maybe you've downloaded the software with no small size but it failed and the Msi error 1603 during installation, It definitely makes you irritated.

One of the causes of 1603 errors due to the use of Symantec software. How to fix Msi returned error code 1603? Let's try to solve Msi returned error code 1603 with the following simple way:
  • First of all make sure you close all other programs running on the computer there. Then run the Symantec software, click the "Start" button and click "Find" button. Enter the keyword "Temp" and press "Enter" to execute.
  • Once the results appear, open the folder "TEMP" and remove all contents. Exercise caution when deleting, make sure you only delete the folder contents instead.
Try to run the programs that previously failed to install. Is it still going on Msi returned error code 1603? If there are any, do the following:
  • Open Run by pressing Windows+R, enter the keyword "regedit" and press enter. After the new window appears, please go to the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ FileSystem". Find "NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation" in the right box and then change the key to "0".
  • Please you exit the Registry Editor and reinstall Symantec programs on your computer by pressing two times the file "InstmsiW.exe" and follow the next step.
After you have finished reinstalling the Symantec software, run it and it will clear any error code on your computer. I hope the above ways can help you in overcoming the Msi returned error code 1603 you experienced.

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